About us


Why doing business differently is an equation that makes sense?
At The Baked Equation we have strong opinions about service,
quality ingredients, and that homemade goods are better.


Our goal is to bake homemade extraordinary desserts, ranging from brownies, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes with the freshest and highest quality ingredients from select vendors who uphold our standards. We are licensed by the State of Arizona to operate under the Cottage Law as a home bakery. Home bakeries are allowed to make goods that considered non-hazardous.


On average, we use 80% organic ingredients in our baking. In addition, we source local ingredients whenever possible such as eggs, dairy, and more. We believe chemicals, antibiotics, added hormones and pesticides are hard on your body so we do our best to keep them out of our treats. By doing our best to eliminate chemicals we believe that even though you are partaking in a “treat” it helps support a better you and its better for the environment around us. Our challenge to you look at the ingredient list of some of your “favorite” store treats and then compare it to ours! I think you will find a world of difference. Our thought: if your shampoo and cookie share some of the same ingredients, it’s time to rethink what you are eating.


We are passionate about creating the best for our loyal customers. The key to creating a successful dessert gift, is listening to you. We strive to listen carefully and then create with fun ingredients just what you are looking for!


We believe in caring for our community. The local community, the national community, and the global community. We are beyond blessed with all that we have at our finger tips and love to share with those around us. Why? Because who doesn’t want to live in a better place? So on the local and national level we keep our ears to the ground of how we might assist in different ways. Globally, we are focused on African Renewal Christian University located in Uganda. Please visit their webpage to read about how they are using education in building the next generation of leaders to help in Africa.