• Cookies are my lucky charm

    Cookies Are My Lucky Charm

    Cookies Are My Lucky Charm What’s your lucky charm? Do you even believe in lucky charms? Some people wear their socks inside out because they think they will play better and some people wear the same shoes on a certain day because they believe it will give them good luck.  There are athletes who listen to music […]

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  • Spring Training Cookies

    Spring Training Cookies

    Spring Training Cookies It’s that time of year. Spring has arrived and that means Arizona becomes a very fun place to live. There are so many amazing activities in Arizona between February and May.  Teams and their fans from all over the country come down to Arizona to enjoy watching their teams during Spring Training. One of the best […]

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  • food photography setup

    Food Photography Setup

    Food Photography Set Up I think food photography can be quite challenging.  A few of my baking buddies have asked me about my food photography setup at my house. Then in my email this morning, I received the latest blog post  from Lilaloa and she is having a photography challenge for the month of March.  What a […]

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