• Party Cakes

    My Best Friend’s Birthday Party

    My Best Friend’s Birthday Party What kind of gift do you bring to a birthday party  for your best friend that says they do not want anything?  My, best friend, my husband, is the kind of guy who says,  “I have you and Jude, I do not need anything else.”  My best friend loves to give to others.  […]

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  • Vanilla Cake

    Vanilla Cake Throw Down

          Vanilla Cake Throw Down Welcome to the vanilla cake throw down going on in my kitchen. No, Bobby Flay did not show up at my house but two amazing recipes are going head to head. Sweetapolita’s Fluffy Vanilla Cake vs. Baked NYC’s White Out Cake.  Now, I must say I was a little conflicted putting these two recipes […]

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  • Flour-De-Lis Cookie Swap

    Cookie Swap with Flour-De-Lis

    Cookie Swap I have always been a believer in the motto, “it is better to give than to receive.” But I must confess I loved being on the receiving end of my first cookie swap with Samantha at Flour-De-Lis. I have always wanted to do a cookie swap, so when Samantha wrote a blog post about her adventures in chocolate, I chimed […]

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  • Airbrush Stenciling

    Baking Tools – Airbrush Gun

    Baking Tools – Airbrush Gun An airbrush gun can be a great tool in the baker’s arsenal.  As a baker many times I wonder, “Is that tool worth it?” When I first started baking I was buying things left and right, only to come home, use them, and find myself disappointed. I began to read blogs […]

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  • Celebrating 1,000 Fans

    We’re Throwing a Party – Giveaway

    Yes, that’s right we are throwing a party to celebrate reaching over 1,000 fans on Facebook with a GIVEAWAY. Yeah!  This is so exciting for me. When I started this venture, I knew I could count on my family to read my blog and join my page but I had no idea if anyone else would have […]

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  • Valentine Sugar Cookies

    Tango Tangerine and Valentine Designs {Sugar Cookie Style}

    What does Panetone’s color of the year tango tangerine  and Valentine’s have in common? Absolutely nothing.  I thought it would be fun to do something a little different for Valentine’s Day.  I decided to mesh some of the latest trends and colors into Valentine’s.  There is a little something for everyone. Ruffles for those who […]

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  • Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

    Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

    Are you ready for some Super Bowl Sugar Cookies?  I am. It is that time of year when friends and family gather together for the anticipated showdown between the two best teams in football. Who will have the best commercial, and yes the best FOOD!  Every year in our family my mom and I plan […]

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