• Super Bowl Cookies

    Super Bowl Cookies 2014

    Super Bowl Cookies 2014 Well it’s here, the last day of the football season. I love creating a special set of Super Bowl cookies every year for our family party but trying to come up with new ideas isn’t always easy. I must say I am always bummed when this day comes. No more football […]

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  • Valentines Day Cookies

    Valentines Day Cookies – Gift Options

    Valentines Day Cookies {Gift Options} Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner. Don’t let time get away from you. Put in your order for your Valentines Day Cookies today. While we always offer our standard custom dozens, this year we are offering Valentines Day cookies on special as well.  If you don’t see an […]

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  • Gluten Free Muffins Orange Chocolate Chip

    Gluten Free Muffins: Orange Chocolate Chip

    Gluten Free Muffins: Orange Chocolate Chip People often ask if I eat gluten free. I don’t eat gluten free because I have to, but I eat mostly gluten free by choice.  Gluten free muffins can be a great snack with out a lot of sugar.  I really do believe most things are good in moderation.  […]

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