• Super Bowl Brownies

    No Kid Hungry Bake Sales Arizona

    This past week I have been blogging about my adventures while I bake for our charity.  This week I turning my focus from our international mission for Micah 6:8 Sudan to one a little closer to home.  In case you have not heard No Kid Hungry Bake Sales 2013 have begun!  Bloggers and baking enthusiasts across America are joining together to raise […]

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  • Baking for Charity

    Baking for Charity Part II

    Baking for Charity Part II Welcome back! I know you must be dying to know how the value of land, the red headed mzungu, a Cottage Law, and a venture into crazy cookies all ties together, right? Many times I feel like we are putting together a 2500 piece puzzle. When you first start a puzzle the pieces look […]

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  • Micah 6 8 Sudan

    Baking for Charity Part 1

    Baking for Charity Part 1 When most people think of baked goods, I believe they think of expanding waist lines. I like to think about cookies and cakes just a tad differently. Three years ago I began baking for charity by selling lots of brownies and cupcakes. What started as a simple bake sale to […]

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