• Chocolate-Peppermint-Cake-Jars-2

    Chocolate Peppermint Cake Jars

    Tis the season for gift giving! Our chocolate peppermint cake jars are the perfect hostess or end of the year teacher gift. Nothing says we love you quite like chocolate peppermint cake. Kara from Love Babble and I decided to collaborate together to help you create an easy and fun gift.  One of the best […]

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  • Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

    Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

    Strawberry Buttermilk Cake Who doesn’t love spring? You wake up in the morning to birds chirping, the sun shining and flowers blooming. I long for this time of year when strawberries fill the shelves at the grocery store.  It is no secret that I am a huge fan of simple ingredients to make beautiful desserts. […]

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  • Banana Butterscotch Cake 1PM

    Banana Butterscotch Cake

    My husband whole heartedly believes that butterscotch and banana go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Last month for his birthday I decided to shake up his favorite combination. My husband’s favorite banana butterscotch cake recipe comes from Mich Turners: Pretty Party Cakes. It is a dense banana cake with homemade butterscotch sauce poured on top […]

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  • St. Patty's Day Donuts

    St. Patty’s Day Donuts

    St. Patty’s Day Donuts It’s official, you can’t pinch my blog!  We are dressed in green and delivering breakfast with our St. Patty’s Day donuts.  Can I share a secret with you? I am really bad at making cake balls but in the process I discovered I enjoy making donut holes. My favorite part about these super fun St. […]

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  • Cupcake Cookie Cutter

    Valentine’s Day Wrap Up

    Valentine’s Day Treat Wrap Up Love it or hate it, today is Valentine’s Day. I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what it is about this holiday. It is funny, when my husband and I got married he looked at me dumb founded when he found out how much I love Mr. Valentine. […]

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  • Happy Birthday Jesus

    Happy Birthday Jesus

    Happy Birthday Jesus!   Tomorrow is a very special day that my family loves to celebrate. We have just a few Christmas traditions that we do every year. One of our favorites is making Jesus a birthday cake. And yes, we sing Happy Birthday Jesus! After all it is celebration of His birth.  It started when my […]

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  • Fall Inspired Cake

    Fall Inspired Cake Challenge

    Fall Inspired Cake Challenge Fall is officially in full swing and Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away. Fall boards are popping up everywhere on Pinterest with holiday treat ideas for family and friends. Kathia, from Pink Little Cake and I started conspiring about a fall inspired cake challenge back in August. August? It seemed like there was […]

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  • Football Cookies

    Football Cookies and More

    Football Cookies and More Yes, it’s that time of year where the requests start rolling in for custom football cookies and desserts with your favorite teams. Is it just me or is there a song that becomes so familiar around this time of year?  You know the music I am talking about. Whether it is the […]

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  • Custom Cakes

    Bridal Shower Cake

    Bridal Shower Cake Welcome to our virtual wedding shower for Samantha, owner of Flour-de-Lis cookies in Washington. I have been charged with making the bridal shower cake and I can not wait to see what my talented friends will be bringing to the party. There is an upside and a downside to a virtual party. Upside: it’s […]

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  • Dann and I

    Banana Caramel Anniversary Cake {Recipe}

    Every year we celebrate with a special anniversary cake. Why should someone just eat their anniversary cake topper the first year, right? I actually think it is a gross tradition to freeze the cake top and then eat it a year later. Now if you are looking for a cake that tastes like sawdust, then it is a […]

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