• CookieCon

    CookieCon Wrap Up

    CookieCon Wrap Up  The frenzy surrounding CookieCon began back in the spring. There were rumblings popping up on facebook and the big question was, “Are you going to CookieCon?”  Mike and Karen , from Karen’s Cookies, were overwhelmed by the response to this newly created cookie convention.  Tickets were sold out in a blink of an eye and there were cookiers […]

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  • Football Cookies

    Football Cookies and More

    Football Cookies and More Yes, it’s that time of year where the requests start rolling in for custom football cookies and desserts with your favorite teams. Is it just me or is there a song that becomes so familiar around this time of year?  You know the music I am talking about. Whether it is the […]

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  • Amazing Cake Decorating Class

    I travelled out to California this week to take an amazing cake decorating class to learn how to work with intricate sugar flowers, molds and sugar paste. Who better to go to than, Melody Brandon, and her wonderful staff at Sweet & Saucy Shop, in Long Beach? Some people window shop looking at shoes, purses and jewelery but I go […]

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