• Mother Goose Day

    Mother Goose Day Cookie Swap

    Mother Goose Day 2012 Happy Mother Goose Day! Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea there was even a day set aside for Mother Goose. But I guess if there is national peanut butter day, of course there would be a Mother Goose Day.  Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987 by […]

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  • Flour-De-Lis Cookie Swap

    Cookie Swap with Flour-De-Lis

    Cookie Swap I have always been a believer in the motto, “it is better to give than to receive.” But I must confess I loved being on the receiving end of my first cookie swap with Samantha at Flour-De-Lis. I have always wanted to do a cookie swap, so when Samantha wrote a blog post about her adventures in chocolate, I chimed […]

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