• homemade snowman marshmallows

    Homemade Snowman Marshmallows

    Homemade Snowman Marshmallows Homemade snowman marshmallows are a fun way to dress up your winter hot chocolate. It’s the perfect day to make marshmallows. Snowmageddon has hit the east coast.  Why bother digging out?  The roads are closed, flights are cancelled and the family is all in doors playing games. It is the perfect time […]

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  • farmhouse kitchen recipe box

    Farmhouse Kitchen Recipe Crate

    Farmhouse Kitchen Recipe Crate Have you ever heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines? If you have, chances are you are addicted to Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love watching this talented couple take a house that is in shambles and turn it into someone’s dream home. Joanna is the queen of the farmhouse kitchen. I would give […]

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  • Party in a Jar Book Tour

    Party in a Jar Book Tour

    Party in a Jar Online Book Tour Busy mom’s are constantly trying to come up with great crafting and party ideas for their young kids. I am so excited to share with you about Vanessa Coppola’s new book, Party in a Jar.  For those of you who do not know Vanessa, she is the chief […]

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  • Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

    Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

    Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial The holidays are here and life gets a little crazy around this time of the year. I thought this would be the perfect time to put together an easy ornament sugar cookie tutorial. Many mom’s are burning the candle at both ends creating gifts from Pinterest, baking holiday treats for neighbors, […]

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  • peppermint mocha cookies

    Dessert Recipe Roundup-Peppermint Mocha Cookies

    Dessert Recipe Roundup! I love lazy Sundays. After church we normally come home and relax. Take a walk.  Work on a puzzle. Have fun together as a family. Doesn’t an afternoon of relaxation sound nice? Yet, relax is not a word I am very good at practicing. I know that it is important but for some […]

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  • Peeps Cookies

    Peeps Centerpiece Cookies

    Peeps Centerpiece Cookies Today is the perfect day to hop around the web for fabulous Peeps recipes, crafts, creative ideas & even a Peeps giveaway.  Christi from Love from the Oven and Michelle over at Sugar Swings! Serve Some, organized an amazing group of women to help you get creative with your favorite set of Peeps.  […]

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  • food photography setup

    Food Photography Setup

    Food Photography Set Up I think food photography can be quite challenging.  A few of my baking buddies have asked me about my food photography setup at my house. Then in my email this morning, I received the latest blog post  from Lilaloa and she is having a photography challenge for the month of March.  What a […]

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  • Super Bowl Brownies

    Super Bowl Brownies

    Super Bowl Brownies Are you looking for that perfect dessert for your Super Bowl spread? Look no further. I will show you an easy way to turn a plain dessert into these super cute mini Super Bowl brownies.  I am a big fan of mini desserts; especially for parties and gatherings. Ever since I started […]

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  • Gingerbread men

    Well Dressed Gingerbread Men Cookies {Tutorial}

    Who doesn’t like a well dressed man? Better yet who does not like well dressed gingerbread men cookies?  I know I do. I thought I would share with you how to easily dress up your gingerbread men cookies in snap.  Some people have gingerbread house decorating parties.  I think decorating gingerbread men cookies would make a great holiday party alternative as well. You could bake gingerbread […]

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  • Rolling Cookie Dough

    Tips for Rolling Cookie Dough

    Tips for Rolling Cookie Dough This morning I thought I would share some helpful hints when rolling cookie dough that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. It’s 1 AM and there is a freaky storm outside and I can’t sleep. I can’t rev up the mixer and wake everyone else up in the house,  so I chose […]

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