Christmas Tree Cookie Collaboration

Christmas Tree Cookies

Homespun Christmas Tree Cookie Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago Pam, from CookieCrazie, invited me to be a part of a collaboration to create something special with the homespun christmas tree cutter we had received at CookieCon.  Before I get to my Christmas tree cookie creation, have to tell you a little about Pam. It was about a year ago, I was strolling through pictures on  flickr and stumbled across Pam’s cookies. Then I read her bio! Then I got so SUPER excited. She makes cookies to raise money for her church missionary efforts in the Ukraine.  Oh my gosh! I make cookies to raise money for our mission efforts in the Sudan. Now you have to keep in mind, back then I had no idea that a cookie world existed. I mean no clue.  I had no idea of how many women bake amazing cookies to raise money for different causes. I sent Pam an email, I was so excited to find someone doing somthing similar to what I was doing. I started stalking, I mean following her blog. If you have not been to Pam’s blog it is a wealth of knowledge for the cookie maker. It’s like I had hit the jackpot. At that time I was still trying to fill a cookie with out it being a complete disaster.

Christmas Tree Cookies Needless, to say, I was beyond excited when Pam asked me to be apart of the Christmas tree cookie collaboration. There may have been dancing and some singing but we will keep that on the down low. Do you love this cutter? You can get a homespun Christmas tree too, over at Karen’s Cookies. Want to know a unique little fact about this cutter? The proceeds from the sale of the homespun christmas tree cutter go to the mission effort in the Ukraine.

Have you been listening to Christmas music lately? I have. I love Josh Groban’s Christmas album. His voice is so amazing.  My favorite song that he is O Holy Night. Feel free to click over to the youtube video, so you can listen as you stroll through the Christmas tree pictures. Last year I had such great plans for my Christmas cookies. But it never came together in time. I wanted to take my favorite Christmas carol’s and put them on cookies. Now I finally have an excuse to get this done.

Christmas Tree Cookies

 I would love to put all my favorite carol’s on cookies.

But for now, I choose my favorite lines for O Holy Night.

Christmas Cookies

Can you imagine?

A night where no street light could drown out the beauty of the stars.

A night, not like any other.

Christmas Tree Cookies

This line has always fascinated me.

Ever since I was a little girl.

Can you imagine hearing angel’s sing?

I love the sound of the human voice in beautiful song.

But what must angel’s sound like?

O, night divine.

Yes, what a divine night that must have been.

Christmas Tree Cookies

Oh wait, we are not done yet. There are a lot more Christmas tree cookies to see.

Christmas Tree Cookie

What could be better than more cookies? I was so excited to get to see all the amazing creations from a list of fabulous women.

  1. Laurie from Cookie Bliss
  2. Andrea from Cupookie
  3. Christine from Sugar Cravings
  4. Heather from Sugar Nosh Treats
  5. Lorraine from Lorraine’s Cookies
  6. Nancy from Seasons of Joy
  7. Jen from Posh Pastries
  8. Elizabeth from Lizy B
  9. Stephanie from Ice My Biscuit
  10. Melissa from The Baked Equation
  11. Elizabeth from Arty McGoo

31 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Cookie Collaboration

  1. Melissa!!! I love your use of this cutter. It is like it was made for this scene. So beautiful!

    PS.: We used to shared similar sentiments over Gingerbread Houses, mine changed few years back. I hope you’ll make some this year! 😉

  2. Awesome set of cookies!! I’ve been belting out “O Holy Night” the past few days while making Christmas cookies. I try to sing along to Kelly Clarkson’s version when no one else is home. Now that I think of it… I’d be super embarrassed if I come to find out my neighbors could hear me.

  3. Melissa, I am so happy to see the entire collection here- it is so touching! Christmas music really gets to me, the spirtual hymns, as you have showcased here, are a magical part of this season of joy! Thank you for bringing all of this out in your cookies! My snowman was fun to do, but your cookies really share the meaning!

  4. Melissa – these are stunningly beautiful! I love your designs! I’ve been thinking about carols on cookies too – but don’t think I’ll have time this year…so wonderful to see what you came up with!

  5. Melissa, I completely adore this set! Your nativity scene took my breath away!! So creative and so well-executed! LOVE this one!

  6. Your creations are truly breathtaking! I love that you embraced the true meaning of Christmas with your homespun cookie cutter creation! A pleasure working with you on this project!

  7. I got goosebumps as I read your post……and tears in my eyes too. What a sweet post. I am thrilled that I could encourage you a year ago. And to see where we are now……and to wonder where we are headed. So exciting!

    Your post was beautiful. And when I looked at your collection of O Holy Night cookies, that’s when the tears flowed. Christmas is such an amazing time……but the most amazing part is that Jesus came to earth for US! What love.

    Blessings to you, my friend. I hope we can do many more collaborations together. 🙂 ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! I really appreciate you and getting to be apart of this project. You are an inspiration to everyone around you. To God be the Glory! I look forward to our next collaboration.

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