Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Tomorrow is a very special day that my family loves to celebrate. We have just a few Christmas traditions that we do every year. One of our favorites is making Jesus a birthday cake. And yes, we sing Happy Birthday Jesus! After all it is celebration of His birth.  It started when my son was young.  A visual picture to help remind him of the significance of what Christmas was all about.

Birthday Cake for Jesus

Now my son is older. Yet he still loves this tradition.

It is really neat for me as a mom to see 14 years later what a traditions affect is on a child.

We always make a simple cake. Nothing fancy.

The simple cake symbolizes that this King was born in humble surroundings.

He was not born in a palace. He did not have well known parents. Yet, He is called the

 King of Kings.

The world we live in today is obsessed with wealth, power, and prestige.

It is fascinating to me, that God himself, chose that Jesus would

be born in stable.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I love this carol. The thought of hearing angels singing gives me chills.

But what strikes me even more, is that the angels appeared to shepherds.

Shepherds were looked down upon. They were the nobodies of society.

God chose that these nobodies would behold angels.

Angels that would herald Christ’s birth.

What an amazing picture of God’s love and grace.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I am so thankful that God so loved the world,

that He sent His son.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas this year.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jesus

  1. Melissa, I just had the opportunity to read your post and it took my breath away. What a beautiful tradition. I hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas. Best wishes to you for the coming year. xo

  2. Melissa, my heart just swelled reading this wonderful post and seeing your beautiful tradition to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Even more so when I read that your son still loves this tradition and still looks forward to singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if/when he has a family of his own, he and his wife carry on your tradition with his children?! It is just so lovely and your decorated cookie is done in my favourite Christmas hymn too. May your family be blessed with a lovely Christmas and a New Year filled with promise and Peace. All the best to you and to The Baked Equation throughout 2013.

    1. Thank you so much Paula! I think that would be really cool, if his wife carried on the tradition. I think I will buy a special cake plate to give her at her shower someday! It’s funny Jude announced to us this last week he is going to get married by the time he is 24! I hope you have are a wonderful holiday season.

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