New Years Eve Cookies

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New Years Eve Cookies

I seriously can not believe it is in the end of the year. I love making New Years Eve cookies. After the craziness of Christmas passes, you would think I would not want to see another cookie for quite awhile.  After all the Christmas cookies are delivered, I take a week off and go snowboarding with my son. It is our yearly mother and son trip. Once our trip is over, I am normally itching to get back into the kitchen.  I decided this year that black and gold are the theme of our New Years Eve cookies. While it seems good in practice, black is a very tricky color. I am not a fan of putting heavy dyes in my royal icing. What to do with these New Years Eve cookies? Dark chocolate to the rescue. You can not go wrong with chocolate, ever. If you need a chocolate recipe, we posted one for the Great Food Blogger cookie swap earlier this month.

New Years Eve Cookies

Yesterday, while I was shooting the pictures for these cookies, I got tagged by the ever talented Christina, over at Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. What did she want to know? Eight things. Eight things people might find random or did not know about me. Well, why not share them in my New Years Eve cookies blog post.

New Years Eve Cookies

  • Most people would describe me as outgoing, but in reality I would love to be a hermit. I would love to just stay in doors, learn not to talk so much, and create new recipes.
  • Most people would describe me as creative and would like to shoot me when I say I am not. I am creative in a way people don’t often think about. Most people equate creativity to those who can draw free hand or make things on a whim. I am not that type of creative. I can see things in my head but I definitely need patterns and help creating it. Thus, creativity is not easy for me. It takes a lot of time. My doodles are of stick figures and ampersands. Speaking of ampersands. I love them.

New Years Eve Cookies

  • I think espresso makes everything better. Even New Years Eve cookies. If it is not liquid espresso, then powdered will do.
  • I have an unnatural fear of the dentist, which even that is an understatement.  No dentist has ever harmed me, but at 40 I am still petrified. For example, 3 years ago I did Invisalign. My Invisalign treatment has been over for over a year, yet I still have the buttons on my teeth. I am too scared to go get them off. I go and get my cleanings but you can leave me and my buttons alone. My husband is really hoping that in 2014 I will get them removed.

New Years Eve Cookies

  • I love studying the Scriptures and spending time in discipleship with young women. Helping women understand the truth and live it out is a passion of mine.
  • Now, I hit number six and I am stuck.  So I am grabbing a life line and asking my husband what he thinks. He said, “I don’t think most people know that you are funny.” He thinks most people would view me as serious.  I am both types of funny. I am really good and doing dumb stuff and I am also good at sticking my foot in my mouth, both of which, are humorous to watch.

New Years Eve Cookies

  • Every time my husband and I leave a dinner party or a friend’s home I will always analyze if I talked too much. I love to interact with people but at the same time I don’t want to dominate a conversation. One day I will master the skill. One day it will not bug me.
  • I love listen to sermons while I decorate cookies. Most people would say they love to listen to music. Learning while decorating is super relaxing to me. Strange I know. The only time I listen to music while decorating is during the holidays. I love putting Rudy, Pirates of Caribbean or Robin Hood on Pandora. There is something fun about swashbuckling tunes while decorating.

New Years Eve Cookies

I hope you have a very wonderful New Year celebrations with your family. I would love to hear something funny about you.

New Years Eve Cookies

Cheers! Thank you for letting me share my New Years Eve cookies and a few tidbits about me.




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  1. Paula

    Beautiful cookies and a lovely sharing post. All the best to you and your family in 2014 Melissa.

  2. Trinette

    Dental people are your friends! ;)

  3. Sweetsugarbelle

    Again, I LOVE THESE COOKIES. And I’m gonna have a hard time coming up
    With interesting facts! I’m so boring :-)

  4. Hayley S

    What a great post!!! Love learning new things about you! Ok, the part about dominating a conversation-totally know what you mean!!! You don’t by the way! Lol But I’m always asking myself the same question….. :) And I totally agree with you on the espresso thing!!

  5. Christina @ Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

    Loved this post! Thank you for playing! And YOU ARE so funny!
    Christina @ Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe recently posted…8 things…My Profile

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