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Yes, that’s right we are throwing a party to celebrate reaching over 1,000 fans on Facebook with a GIVEAWAY. Yeah!  This is so exciting for me. When I started this venture, I knew I could count on my family to read my blog and join my page but I had no idea if anyone else would have interest.  It is so fun to share my creations and interact with you. I have had the privilege to get to know people from all over the world. Take a moment to read about what all our baking is for, our charity, Micah 6:8.

You know something is up when you phone starts to chirp wildly. Thanks to the ladies over at Flour-De-Lis and HayleyCakes and Cookies who posted my tangerine chevron and ruffle cookies on their Facebook pages my numbers shot up wildly.  When I hit 1,000, I swear I started dancing like Snoopy {yes, I am quite aware that I am a nerd}!

Celebrating 1,000 fans Giveaway

Now that we’re throwing a party, there have to be gifts, right? I decided to do a giveaway of guilty pleasures. Things that I think are adorable but would never by for myself and I am giving them to YOU!

We are Throwing a Party

We’re Throwing a Party {Giveaway}

  • Life Is What You Make It {Cupcake Sign}
  • Cake Design Apron by Curly Girl Design
  • Pink and Green Pleated Hand Towel
  • Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Hand Towel
  • $25.00 Hobby Lobby Gift Card
  • Sweet Treats Vanilla Swirl Cupcake Candle
  • Vintage Glass Cupcake Plate
  • Decorative “chocolat” Napkins
  • Pink and Green Baking Cups
  • Royal Icing Mix
  • Cupcake Cookie Cutter

    We are Throwing a Party

    Curly Girl Design

I absolutely love this apron. The quote above the cakes says, “A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake. ” Here is a closer look at some of the other items:

We are Throwing a Party Giveaway

Life is what you Make it

We are Throwing a Party

Sugar Cookie SetPink Pleated Towel & $25.00 Hobby Lobby Gift Card

We are Throwing a Party

Chocolate & Cupcake Candle

So, what do you have to do to enter to win the giveaway? Leave a comment on the *BLOG PAGE*,  below about what is something you love but have not bought it for yourself. Then there are few other things you can do as well to earn more entries. If you already follow me on Facebook and Twitter, share it with your friends.

Good Luck and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making this venture so fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 AND THE WINNER IS…….THERESA JANKE!!!!!  This is her twitter icon. I love it….

Winner - Theresa Janke

And the winner is...Theresa Janke




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  1. Dorene Ghiglia

    I would really like a large silicone pastry mat!

  2. Dorene Ghiglia

    Love this page and I shared it!

  3. jackie clark

    It is my pleasure to share with friends and family. I congratulate you on your 1000 fans and have every bit of confidence it will grow even higher. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway items they are great.

  4. Donna C

    I love scones and would love a scone pan!

  5. Kathy Kmonk (Cakes On The Lane)

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 fans! I would love to purchase an edible printer….have been mulling it over in my mind for a long time now, just haven’t been able to make the leap.

    • melissa

      Thank you so much! I have been mulling that one over in my mind to, but have not pulled the trigger. You will have to know let me know if you get one someday and if its worth it!

  6. Tziona

    Hmmm… depends on the category. Definitely expensive jewelry and expensive shoes (Louboutins). In the baking world, a edible printer set and perhaps an airbrush machine.

  7. Heather

    I want a kitchenAid so that I can mix up many many batches of cookies for my children and Family.

  8. Theresa J

    Congratulations on 1100 fans. I have been eyeing a new dishwasher but havent made the huge purchase.

  9. Elizabeth

    I LOVE airbrush machines…but have not bought myself one…yet! :)

  10. Jennifer Holley

    Congrats on 1000 fans!!! That’s SO exciting! My friend and I are very new to the world of cookies. There are some fancy edged cookie cutters that I’m dying to get, but just won’t suck it up and spend $13 on. One day soon I will! Cookie cutters and decorating tips are what we’re gathering at the moment… and decoration ideas… lots and lots of fun ideas!

    Now if only we had more free time to cookie all day!!

    • melissa

      Thank you so much! There are so many amazing blogs with tutorials and cookies tips. Have fun as you start your collection :-)

  11. Heather

    I want a kopykake projector

  12. Heather

    I am a fan on Facebook

  13. Hearher

    I want a kopykake projector.

  14. Simply Sweets by Jennifer (Jennifer Bussa)

    ]Congrats! Ive got a ways to go. Im about to do a giveaway for my first 100!!!

    I DID want a KitchenAid mixer, but my husband had gotten me one on Craigslist. I would really like to get a 7-qt at some point in the future. I have a chest freezer now, but I wouldnt mind getting a second refridgerator, or a dorm fridge…Something for all of the “cold stuff”

    But I know that wont happen anytime soon…But I continue to dream :)

  15. Faigy Vidal

    I wish I could afford a KopyKake projector :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congrats on 1000 fans!!

  16. Karen @ trilogy edibles

    Congrats!! I want square cake pans, I know I can just go get them but never have

  17. christine

    Progressive Measuring cups and a Nike Running T shirt i saw this weekend!

  18. Cecily

    A nice digital camara. I just can’t seem to buy myself one. The one I have works fine, just not great.

    • melissa

      Cecily-Keep your eye out on ebay or craigslist. I got a wonderful camera after market, normally sells for a $1500 for $300. I waited for about 8 months. So worth the wait.

  19. Laura Pokas

    A 7 qt Kitchen Aid mixer! With the amount of dough and icing I make, I want the BIG GIRL!

  20. Melissa {Simply Sweets by Honeybee}

    I shared your giveaway on my FB page and my personal FB page.

  21. Melissa {Simply Sweets by Honeybee}

    I love the new 7 qt KitchenAid mixer but I already own a 5 qt so I would never buy this new one unless mine broke.

  22. Phyllis Lass Thomton

    I have been following you for a while…I’m new to the world of Cookier’s and would like anything you choose. Since I’m new, I have a few more wants, but they will come in time. Thank You for a wonerful giveaway and Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2012.

    • melissa

      Thank you so much for following my blog, Phyllis :-) There is so much fun stuff in the “cookie” world. I never knew until I started, but I try to stay disciplined. :-)

  23. Leslie

    I finally got a Kitchenaid (!!!) so I can hardly think if anything else, maybe a really special cake stand! :)

  24. Kelly

    I would love some of the Kitchen Aid attachments like the pasta roller and meat grinder. I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the money – yet :)

  25. Khandra Henderson

    I left a comment on facebook about your 1000 fan giveaway

  26. Khandra Henderson

    Something that I would love to have but have not bought myself is a Kitchenaid stand Mixer, I would love to have this so I would not have to mix my batters by hand anymore.

  27. Mercedes

    I want the new kitchen aid mixer but cant buy it yet! Congrats on the fans!

  28. Donna O'Neil

    I want a Le Creuset dutch oven but have not purchased one for myself.

  29. MommaMary

    What a fun giveaway!!! I shared it on my wall. Congratulations on a great blog

  30. Vickie Escalante

    I have wanted a KitchenAid Mixer forever! I was given a generic one, but it never worked very well. :(

  31. Stephanie Verdoorn

    Congrats on reaching 1000 fans! That is so cool! I love cooking gadgets but rarely splurge on them since at this stage if life i make mostly grilled cheese! Ha ha ha. Life with toddlers!

  32. marilyn mackey

    i have wanted a kitchenaid mixer for a long time. just won’t buy it!

  33. Martha Damron

    Congratulations, on your 1000 likes, well deserved.

  34. Martha Damron

    Congratulations, on 1000, likes, well deserved.

  35. Pam

    Wonderful site and a very generous fun giveaway! I would love one of those huge Hobart mixers,totally impractical but a lot of fun!

    • Simply Sweets by Jennifer (Jennifer Bussa)

      Lol. I agree. I would love to have one too. I work out of my home, so no, not practical. But would be AWESOME!

  36. Pam

    Would love to have one of those huge Hobart mixers! Totally impractical,but what fun. Love your site and what an amazing giveaway. I am sure you will have no trouble getting another 1000 fans!

  37. Cindy~Christal's Cupcakes

    Congratulations on 1,00 0 fans~ wow! Just love everything in your giveaway! We love ALL things cupcake! You know how to shop! hmmm, things I have wanted but never bought for myself…a tennis bracelet~ now that God has blessed us with our little cupcake baker, I would buy one for her before myself…dream sort of changed…would love a nice Kitchen Aid Mixer- now more of a need than a want! Also, I have always wanted to adopt a family at Christmas or buy and serve Thanksgiving meals or some type of charitable project!

  38. Susan Klinner

    Wonderful giveaway! Those goodies are beautiful and I love them, but would not buy any of them for myself. I’m trying ot be so practical right now and only buy things I need for the shop. You did a great job of putting this together! xxoo

    Susan/Sweet William’s Cookies

  39. Kelly

    Something I love but havent bought for myself would be jewlery. I love it bit never buy any :/

  40. Brenda R.

    Woven Traditions Dinnerware by Longaberger.

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