Baking Tools – Airbrush Gun

Baking Tools – Airbrush Gun

An airbrush gun can be a great tool in the baker’s arsenal.  As a baker many times I wonder, “Is that tool worth it?” When I first started baking I was buying things left and right, only to come home, use them, and find myself disappointed. I began to read blogs and review pages before jumping in and buying the next tool.  For over a year, I have wondered should I buy an airbrush gun? Is it worth it? A couple of weeks ago after reading a blog post by one of my favorite baking bloggers, Lisa, at The Bearfoot Baker, I took the plunge with a coupon offer from Karen’s Cookies.  After reading her blog posts about her airbrush gun, I reached out and asked her a few questions. Lisa, was so helpful and I was so glad that I did. {Thanks Lisa}

Well needless to say, my airbrush gun has arrived and I think I just may be a little out of control.  I started covering everything in sight with pearl sheen. Everything looks better with pearl sheen, right? Just like Lisa said in her blog post, the laundry can wait, dishes will get done but by goodness things in my house are in desperate need of pearl sheen.

I was in the middle of decorating cookies the other day for none other than, Samantha at Flour-De-Lis, when I thought, forget the royal icing, {gasp} I am going to try airbrushing the stencil.

Airbrush Stencil

 Airbrush Gun & Stencil

Many times decorators can become frustrated getting royal icing the right consistency for stenciling. You can spend quite a good amount of time trying to figure out if it is thick enough. Many times it will bleed, run or will not hold its shape even though you thought it was stiff.  The airbrush gun does not have that problem. In the cookie above I simply sprayed and removed the stencil. No bleeding.

  • Place stencil on cookie
  • around the edges of the stencil place parchment or paper to keep the color from other parts of the cookie
  • Pick desired airbrush color and fill chamber
  • Airbrush color on the cookie
  • Remove Stencil
  • Any areas where there is over spray you can clean up with vodka and paint brush

At some point I will do a more detailed tutorial but this post is more about if  it is worth it to buy one or add it to the list. There are so many applications that you can use an airbrush gun as well. Here are some:

  • Airbrush Stencil
  • Airbrush Sheen on Cookies and Cakes
  • Airbrush gems or molds {I used to paint luster dust on them, time consuming}
  • Airbrush borders
  • Airbrush cakes a certain color instead of kneading in color to fondant 

    Airbrush Gems

    White Chocolate Gems Airbrushed with Gold

 The gems in the picture above were made using a silicon mold filled with white chocolate. Then I sprayed gold sheen with the airbrush gun. I used to paint the gems by hand. This is time consuming and handling chocolate can get melty if you know what I mean.  The airbrush gun covers them easily and quickly.

Airbrush Stencil

PInk & Gold Airbrush


Airbrush Stenciling

Pink & Gold Stencil Airbrush

 As I was practicing using my new and fabulous airbrush gun,  my son walked in and said, “You get to spray paint stuff!!!” Well, yes, I guess I do. He excitedly told me that he wanted to try it. So, whether you are 40 or 14 apparently an airbrush gun is a lot of  fun. I prefer to call it “practical, efficient and a better use of my time” when explaining to the business accountant {my husband} why another new tool has arrived.

Airbrush Gun

Using the Airbrush Gun

 Happy Baking. If you have an airbrush or want to get one, what would you do with it?