Christmas Cookies and a Cutter Giveaway

Christmas Cookies and a Cutter Giveaway

I can’t believe we are just a couple of days away from Christmas. This year blew by in a flash. We have packaged up the last of our Christmas cookies today and we are finally on vacation for a week.  It’s been an amazing year. We have been a part of so many special occasions and celebrations.  I wanted to share a few of our favorite sets of Christmas cookies that we created this year and one special winner will be the new owner of an awesome set of cookie cutters designed by Cakes by Ximena.

Christmas Cookies

This Christmas I decided it was time to get over some of my cookie making fears. I am truly bad at having to create people and animals. I am so thankful for the reindeer tutorial Krista, from Cookies with Character, created for a guest post over at Sweet Sugarbelle’s. I started seeing the cutest reindeer pop up all over social media sites. Normally my animals come out looking like some GMO experiment gone wrong. I have now come to grips that if it is supposed to look realistic it’s not my kind of cookie. One of my friends called my reindeer a Mooseer a couple of years ago!I decided to let go of my animal cookie making fears and give this funky reindeer a try for some of our Christmas cookies.  I am officially in love with our new fun reindeer which I am sure is going to become a classic.

Christmas Cookies

The other cookies that I try to stay away from are people. I have never created an elf, nor have I ever wanted to. But then Klickitat Street created the cutest cutters. I took a deep breath and said let’s give this a try. Well, I shouldn’t really say us. I gave these cookies to my  awesome assistant, Hayley to create.  Doesn’t she do an awesome job? I love her artistic ability. She is one of those natural artists. I, on the other hand, am one of those “wannabe” artists. I have to work really hard at it.

Christmas Cookies

This set has to be one of my favorite stories. A mom emails me a week before Christmas, and asks if there is any way that she could order a cookie set? Her daughter has asked for cookies for Christmas. We were completely booked, but how could I say no? Most little girls are asking for Barbies or dollhouses but not Isabella. She wanted Christmas cookies.

Nutcracker Suite

The other fun set we were able to create, was for Amaya. She is Juju’s Tutus sweet daughter, who if you are reading this my husband is still waiting for his “pirate tutu”. If you are in need of an amazing tutu for your little girl you must pop over and see Julie’s Facebook page. For her sixth birthday she had a Disney Nutcracker themed birthday tea. Take a moment to pop over to KSL photography to see the beautiful party.

Christmas Cookies

Reindeer Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Last but not least, it is time for the giveaway. I love these Helvetica cutters from Cakes by Ximena.  If you are still hunting for a gingerbread cookie recipe, you should pop over to our post from Thanksgiving, where I share our Spicy Orange Gingerbread recipe. Every time I post a picture using these cutters I get a ton of requests of where they can be found. Well one lucky winner will get one this Christmas along with a dozen salted butterscotch cookies.

Christmas Cookies

I want to say thank you to all who take time to read my blog and follow us on the various social media sites. I have had so much fun interacting with you and getting to know some of you. I hope you have a very merry Christmas with your families. Good Luck!

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19 comments on “Christmas Cookies and a Cutter Giveaway

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  2. Kate Latorre says:

    You have inspired me to start baking again….. still need to work on the decorating and icing. Your cookies look amazing. I love it. Merry Christmas and have a relaxing week

    1. Kate- I am so glad I could inspire you. I find baking so much fun and I love the joy it brings to people. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Kelly S says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I could only hope to decorate my cookies as cute as you have done yours! They look awesome and festive!

    1. Merry Christmas Kelly! It’s funny I teach decorating classes and I tell each of my students that it gets easier and easier with practice. Happy Decorating

  4. Jacquee says:

    I am so in love with these holiday sets, Melissa! Hope you guys are having an awesome time on the slopes. The Happiest of Holidays to you and yours! xx

    1. Thank you so much Jacquee! We had a great time on the slopes.

  5. These are SOOOOOOOOOoooo beautiful, Melissa! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Callye! 🙂 I hope you have a very, very Merry Christmas. Can’t believe a year from now there will be another mini sugarbelle or sugardude running around.

  6. Megan says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I just LOVE those cutters! Also, please hurry up and write a cookbook with your salted butterscotch cookies! I’m dying to make those! They are the best cookies EVER! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Donna Pease says:

    I just love looking at everything that gets posted on face book from your establishment. Happy Holidays and have a restful vacation. Thank You for sharing so much with all your fans.

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  8. All of these cookies are fantastic! I especially love the gingerbread house and the gnomes! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Sue! Hope you are having wonderful Sunday.

  9. Michelle says:

    I love the blog, all the Christmas sets and the fact that you continue to be an inspiration to me for all that you do for others. Merry Christmas Melissa!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Merry Christmas to you!

  10. kathy aka mamakat says:

    I love your pages…love your recipes!! Thank you for all of the time you put into providing all of the great ideas and recipes!! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Vicki says:

    I love all of these sets….but I’m partial to your Helvetia!!!! Merry Christmas Melissa…I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

    1. Thanks lady! Im loving those Helvetica cutters! Love you!

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