Cookie Swap with Flour-De-Lis

Cookie Swap

I have always been a believer in the motto, “it is better to give than to receive.” But I must confess I loved being on the receiving end of my first cookie swap with Samantha at Flour-De-Lis. I have always wanted to do a cookie swap, so when Samantha wrote a blog post about her adventures in chocolate, I chimed in. She tried every chocolate powder underneath the sun, except for the kind I use. She uses, Saco Premium Dutch Cocoa and I use Barry Callebaut Extra Brute Cocoa.

Flour-De-Lis Cookie Swap2

This was my first time making chocolate rollout cookies. I definitely have some tweaking to do. No surprise, I have tweaked my sugar cookie recipe many times to get it to what it is today. Now back to Samantha’s cookies. Her recipe is awesome. He cookies are not overly rich, just perfect. Sometimes royal icing is too much for me, hers was the perfect compliment to the cookie. Not too thick, not too thin but just right. Are these not the cutest cookies?

Flour-De-Lis Cookie Swap

Other than trading addresses we did not trade any other pertinent information. But I learned that Samantha intuitively knows some of my favorite things. First, equations, I love them and not because I love math. Equations, like below, make sense to me unlike their numerical counterparts. If you want to read about my aversion to numbers check out my very first blog post. The cutest thing was when my son picked up this cookie and said, oh this is an equation that = my home! It’s one of those mommy moments you love.

 Cookie Swap

Second, the next cookie is something I live by. Choose Joy. Happiness is fleeting, it can come and go with all sorts of emotions, especially the guy who just cut you off for no reason.  But joy is different. Joy is a choice. I attempt to choose joy even when life is hard and sometimes does not make sense.  {Thanks Samantha} I must say this type of joy tasted delicious. I’m just sayin.

Cookie Swap

Third, I love and admire creativity. I especially admire  people that see things outside of their normal use. I am a very logical person when it comes to tools and what they are used for.  Carrot cookie cutters make carrots and plaque cutters make plaques.  When I first opened the box I saw a carrot cookie cutter and some red, pink and white {CARROTS}. How fun, right?  Then hit me, a good hour later,  these are not carrots. THEY’RE PIPING BAGS. {Yes, I know all caps means yelling} I can get worked up when I figure out stuff like this all by myself. 

Cookie Swap

Fourth, Flour-De-Lis’ cupcake cookies are my favorite. They are fun, happy and make me smile.

Cookie Swap

Thank You soooooo much Samantha for making me these awesome cookies.

Cookie Swap

Phew, the photos are taken, and now I can eat them!  Yeah, me! Yummmmmmy…

Cookie Swap

So take some advice from me, if you want to do a cookie swap, reach out to a friend and ask. Hope you have as much fun as I did.



8 comments on “Cookie Swap with Flour-De-Lis

  1. You are so sweet! I love your cookies. Your post is perfect with the chalkboard and that carrot cutter for the piping bag is genius!!!!

    1. melissa says:

      Thanks, Lisa! It was funny I was scrambling around my house trying to figure out what would be a good back drop to make these stand out. The chalkboard fit the bill. Your tutorial on wood backgrounds is still on my to do list. 🙂

  2. Samantha Powell says:

    What a CUTE post!! You are so funny and sweet! I am really happy you enjoyed the cookies and more than happy to hear that they actually meant something more than a sweet snack!
    That coffee emulsion is my secret weapon! LOL. It’s good stuff 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what wonderful and delicious things you come up with next.
    Thank you so much for sharing your cocoa and your delicious cookies with me.
    I am waiting to try your cocoa until I can make cookies for me! Nom nom 🙂


    1. melissa says:

      Thanks Samantha. You have to try the cocoa when you make a cake. It is my secret weapon. Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone. I can’t wait to try the rollout recipe with the your cocoa. I am wondering if the dutch processed gives it that awesome taste. 🙂

  3. How cute is this post! The cookies are beautiful and I imagine they tasted fantastic. How neat to connect with people through cookies. Math was my favorite subject in school and I tend to think more technically than creatively but when I discovered cookie decorating it helped me to find creativity I didn’t know I had. I’m trying to look at my cutters differently but most times they are just what they are. I attended a naughty white elephant party for Christmas and I made cookies for it. That carrot cutter came in handy as ahem a male part. LOL!!!

    1. melissa says:

      Melissa- you are killing me with the carrot cutter. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at it the same!!! 🙂

      1. Samantha Powell says:

        Yep. Me too…

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