Cookies Are My Lucky Charm

Cookies Are My Lucky Charm

What’s your lucky charm? Do you even believe in lucky charms? Some people wear their socks inside out because they think they will play better and some people wear the same shoes on a certain day because they believe it will give them good luck.  There are athletes who listen to music and do a routine in a certain order believing that it is the magic to their game.  Then there is me. The fun sucker. You know the one who believes the closest thing I have owned that would be considered a lucky charm would be cereal.  Then my son reminded me that it would be his “lucky” day if there was a sugar cereal in the house.  In fact, this was my son’s reaction upon walking in the pantry, “What on earth, you bought a sugar cereal?”  “I thought we were detoxing?”  He totally believes the box of marshmallow goodness is taunting him while we are detoxing the sugar out of his system from his birthday sugar palooza. {Try to say that sentence 5 times fast}

Cookies My Lucky Charm

When Melissa, from Simply Sweets by Honeybee asked me to be a part of this blog collaborative I was so excited. I am a huge fan of her blog and wanted to be a part of the collaborative.  I jumped in with both feet. But then it hit me about a week later, I have never had a lucky charm.  What on earth am I going to do?  Am I going to be the wet blanket of the group? Should I drop out? But I decided not to. Do you know how those “lucky”  little marshmallows came about?  I sure didn’t.  Did you know they represent stuff?

Cookies My Lucky Charm

Lucky Charms was created in 1962 by John Holahan. He came up with the idea when he decided to mix Cheerios with bits of Brach’s Circus Peanuts.  Originally the cereal was not sugar-coated and sales were low. Once they added sugar-coated oats the sales increased. Imagine that? Here is the line up of marshmallows in the box of lucky charms and what they represent:

  • Hearts – power to bring things to life
  • Shooting Stars – power to fly
  • Horseshoes – power to speed things up
  • Clovers – luck, but you will never know what kind of luck you’ll get
  • Blue Moons – power of invisibility
  • Rainbows – instantaneous travel from place to place
  • Balloons – power to make things float

Now all I need them to do is add a piping bag marshmallow for when I am having a bad decoarating day.

Cookies are my lucky charm

Have fun popping over to some of my friend’s site’s and reading about their “Good Luck Charms” and the story behind them.  You might find some fun surprises and a some cool ways that people view luck.

Cookies My Lucky Charm


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6)     Cookies Are My Lucky Charm by The Baked Equation
7)     Good Luck Money Tree by Semi Sweet Designs
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9)     Lucky Number 32 by Cristin’s Cookies
10)  Always With Me by Cookie Corner AZ
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16 comments on “Cookies Are My Lucky Charm

  1. Brady Stillson says:

    There’s just something special about homemade cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies, so far as I’m concerned. It’s a great family activity, something even children can help with, and everyone loves eating the results…

    <See you later `'","

  2. Paula Kelly-Bourque (@VanillaBeanBake) says:

    Loved that you created Lucky Charm (cereal) cookies and that you went to the trouble to do the research on how they came to be. I’m sure your son is enjoying both the wonderful cookies you made and that rare box of cereal being in the house 🙂

  3. Love these Melissa – they look magically delicious! 🙂

  4. Oh WOW! I love the research you did and the fun cookies and the gorgeous photography. You are so very creative Melissa! You really knocked this project out of the park! Thanks for sharing Melissa! Cristin

  5. You make me smile every day, this included. I love that you took my kids fav cereal into cookies. awesome!!!

  6. Great post, Melissa! And thanks for the history behind Lucky Charms! Who knew? (PS- When I eat a bowl of Lucky Charms, I like to try to save the marshmallow pieces for last. It’s a bit tedious but so worth it in the end.)

  7. Great job, Melissa! Lucky Charms are still my favorite sugar cereal! 🙂

    1. melissa says:

      You are too cute!

  8. jackielee4 says:

    Love this! I love Lucky Charms— when I’m having a bad day, it’s a cure for me!

    1. melissa says:

      That is so cute! I am pretty sure those tasty marshmallows can brighten any day!

  9. As always, your cookies and photography just amaze me. I love everything about this post. But most importantly, I must go out and get me a box of “Lucky Charms”.

    1. melissa says:

      Aww, thank you so much Ms. Tami! It’s funny I never knew those little marshmallow bits had magical powers. Now all I need them to do is add a pipping bag for when I am having a bad decorating day.

  10. I just love your style girl. I was hoping someone would do the cereal & you didn’t let me down. I have a cookie crush on you. Lol!

    1. melissa says:

      I just love you!

  11. LOL! Love you cookies Melissa! Now I know the meaning behind all those marshmallows….good knowledge to have for sure! I also had a little trouble coming up with something…so you are not alone in that.

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