Holiday Gift Giving Guide

 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Have you ever been at a loss for what to give someone for Christmas? I have. My husband is pretty impossible to shop for. His favorite things to buy are things for me. Ugh! For a girl who loves to give gifts and not receive them, it makes it pretty tough.  I have found out about so many awesome products and gifts from my friends’ blog’s. I love it when they share their favorite things or their holiday gift giving guide. I am excited to share some of the items that have caught my eye this season.


For whomever on your list:


  • Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Collection, Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap– Williams Sonoma’s essential oil soap is one of my favorites. I probably wash my hands about 100 times a day. During the holiday months, my skin can become cracked and dry, but not anymore. Since I started using this awesome soap it keeps my skin hydrated and clean! It’s a win win situation. Plus, let’s talk about the scent. It’s delicious!
  • Lovely People Holiday Prints– Kristin and I met on Instagram. I love her art and she likes my cookies. I am particularly smitten with her prints for Christmas.
  • Vintage Marquee Lights 24″ Ampersand– Who wouldn’t love to open up this bad boy on Christmas morning?! I know I would! It would make SUCH an awesome addition to any room of the house!

For the Foodie in your life:


  • Crystal Faye Gingerbread Apron- Seriously? Do you have a mini me? Then they need this adorable apron for the holiday season.
  • Sur La Table 9″ Pie Crust Shield– My friend, Christina swears by this thing whenever she’s making pies for the holiday season. If you’ve ever baked a pie only to have the outside crust start browning and darkening way quicker than the rest of the pie, then this thing will save you! 10-15 minutes after your pie has gone in the oven, you place this shield on the outer crust and continue baking away for the remaining time! It helps the outside crust brown much slower, allowing the rest of the pie to cook and keep up! No more burnt outer crusts!
  • Sur La Table iSi Silicone Bowls– These may not seem like the gift that says, “WoW!” But believe me, these are the perfect gift. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Any baker will appreciate these bowls.
  • Artfully Designed Co Deer Silhouette Stencil– LOVE THIS STENCIL. Stencils are a wonderful tool.  They can help make complicated designs much easier and faster.  I love making white cookies then using this beautiful stencil in gold or silver on top. Pop over to Shannon’s Etsy site to see her many designs. Stencils help add depth and design to simple cookies. 
  • Stencil Genie by Creative Cookier- You already know how much I love this thing! Any serious cookie decorator in your life will love and appreciate this thoughtful gift.


  • Regency Half Height Bun Pan Mobile Rack– Cottage Laws are booming around the country. This bun rack is perfect for the home baker. You won’t have to have cookie sheets stacked all over your counters. It keeps things clean and tidy. My bun rack is one of my all time favorite purchases. It fits nicely in the corner.
  • Ice Milk Aprons’ Frosty Tin Marshmallow Apron- These are just about the nicest, hand crafted and most beautiful aprons.
  • The Royal Bakery Private Cake Decorating Classes- Lesley at the Royal Bakery is offering custom classes for one or two people (take a friend!) at her home near San Jose, California. The lessons will be tailored to suit your level of expertise and special requests. Email her at for availability and pricing.


  • Whisked Away Cutters Hot Air Balloon Cookie Cutter– Crafted with rounded corners on the handle for comfort, a reinforced area near the base of the handle and strong walls going down to a fine tapered edge for a precise, clean cut. I love that this cutter not only works for cookie dough but also fondant and gum paste! Plus, it’s adorable!
  • Copper Gifts Fancy Schmancy Square Cookie Cutter– 4″ of copper goodness is what this versatile cookie cutter is all about! Think of all the cookie cutting possibilities you could do with this thing!
  • Fat Daddio’s Silicone Baking Mat– If your favorite foodie doesn’t already have a silicone baking mat in their kitchen, get this for them! It’s the biggest baker/cooker must have! From cookies to toffee to cheese, nothing sticks to these babies! Plus they wash easily and are reusable over and over again! I have about a million in my kitchen! Adios tin foil and parchment paper!
  • Kopy Kake 300XK Projector– I could not survive without my KopyKake projector.  I knew that I could make good cookies, but I knew I needed help to make great cookies since I was not an artist. A Kopykake projector is an awesome tool that you can use for all sorts of art projects, not just for cookies.

For the Food Photographer in your life:


  • Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots– If you’ve got a food blog friend, this book is for them. They’ll find everything from basic camera settings, lighting and composure, AND illustrates how to use props to really bring out each picture of your loved one’s food.
  • Ink and Elm Vinyl Photography Backdrops– As you already know, I LOVE these backdrops and use them OFTEN in my pictures on my blog and elsewhere. The quality is fantastic as are the pictures. They’d be a great addition to food photographer’s trick bag! I particularly love Scape Goat! Good news too- use code: THEBAKEDEQUATION15 for 15% off your entire backdrop purchase!


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  1. Holly Marie says:

    Oh, this is one of the best lists I’ve seen all season! So many goodies that would be perfect gifts! I am hoping for some Crystal Faye monogrammed items, an Ice Milk Apron, AND a set of your Salted Butterscotch cookies! Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas

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