Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

The holidays are here and life gets a little crazy around this time of the year. I thought this would be the perfect time to put together an easy ornament sugar cookie tutorial. Many mom’s are burning the candle at both ends creating gifts from Pinterest, baking holiday treats for neighbors, and running to the store endlessly for that one item you forgot to pick up yet again. I love teaching mom’s in our sugar cookie decorating classes that decorating cookies does not have to be overwhelming. I encourage them to break up the process into different parts. I created these simply decorated ornament sugar cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and decided it would be an easy tutorial for anyone to be able to create.  If you are looking for a good chocolate sugar cookie recipe you should pop over to the prior blog post.

chocolate cookie recipe

Baked sugar cookies and sugar cookie dough freezes very well. If you know you want to make cookies, make your dough ahead of time and store your sheets in the freezer or refrigerator. We have a great tutorial that will take the headache out of rolling dough. Then all you have to do is pop out a sheet of dough or two and cut out your cookie shapes. {Cookie Dough Rolling Tutorial} Once your shapes are baked you can place them in freezer bags and lay them flat in your freezer. Here is an example of what you could do if you knew you wanted to make cookies with your family over a weekend.

  1. On Monday make your dough and roll it out in sheets wrapped in plastic wrap. Then place in the refrigerator to chill. {see tutorial above}
  2. On Tuesday or Wednesday cut out all our cookie shapes for the week and bake them. Then place the cookies in freezer bags and place them flat in the freezer. You can re-roll any excess dough scraps and re-wrap them.
  3. When you are ready to decorate, let’s say on Friday or Saturday, just pull out the freezer bags of the shapes you want to make and let them come to room temperature on a cookie sheet
  4. While the cookies are coming to room temperature, make your royal icing and you are ready to decorate.

When you break the decorating process out in two different stages, it does not seem so overwhelming.  I was just talking to one of my cookie decorating students the other day and this is how she decorates cookies for her family now.

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial Steps:

Step 1:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Step 2:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

  • Mix a bowl of thick royal icing for the ornament sugar cookies.
  • I used a small drop of Americolor gels electric blue.
  • The picture above shows how the icing does not move from the spoon.
  • You want this type of consistency so that the icing does not move underneath your stencil.
  • leave icing in the bowl and cover

Step 3:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

  •  Center the stencil on the ornament sugar cookie.
  • I like these Martha Stewart stencils for when I am using icing because they lay completely flat on the cookie and they slightly cling to the cookie.

Step 4:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

  • Take a small amount of icing with your paint brush and simply paint a thin layer of icing over the area
  • Use your brush to wipe off any excess icing

Step 5:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

  • Wait about 20 seconds for the icing to set a little, then lift the stencil from one edge and quickly remove
  • When removing the stencil, think of it like removing a band-aid. Swift and quick.

Step 6:

Ornament Sugar Cookie Tutorial

  • There are so many great gift ideas for these ornament sugar cookies.
  • Place them in mason jars and wrap them with a pretty bow and tags.
  • Place them in individual cellophane bags and give them as teacher gifts.
  • Place them on a platter for a holiday party.

Cookie decorating does not have to be difficult. There are many simple techniques that you can use to make beautiful cookies. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial so that you can make some beautifully decorated ornament sugar cookies. Happy Baking.





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