Customer Reviews

Here are some of our some of the reviews we have received from our customers:

“Melissa the owner of “The Baked Equation” creates some of the most amazing sweet treats!  Her cupcakes are to die for! She made our cupcakes for our launch party, Dollies & Rockers in Anthem, AZ and people ranted and raved about them.  She uses only the best natural ingredients and you can tell in the taste! She combines exotic flavors with classic treats creating magical things!!  The Dollies would recommend her for anyone looking for gorgeous, delicious treats!”  —Gina C. (Phoenix, AZ)

The care and quality of ingredients that goes into the products is second to none! I have tried several cakes and cookies and all are amazing to the eye and the and the taste buds.
I highly recommend The Baked Equation for any of your bakery needs. —Michele S. (Scottsdale, AZ)

“Finally!! A pastry artist who keeps me coming back for more and never ceases to amaze me with delicious and beautiful creations. From espresso brownies, to margarita or mint julep cupcakes, and custom cakes and cookies, i’ve tried what I believe to be the most amazing sweets I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. Today when I took my first bite of one of her chocolate cherry cookies, I felt like a kid trying ice cream for the first time. A sense of happiness and euphoria swept over me almost instantly, until something terrible happened… the cookie was gone. I ate the whole thing in a flash. Her creations are always moist, delicious, fresh, never over-powering, and go down easy. Almost too easy. I guess if my only complaint is that the goodies disappear too quickly, that’s not a bad complaint to have. The Baked Equation recently catered a bridal shower that I Co-hosted for my soon to be sister in law. This is the first time I have EVER seen a large group of women silent. Everyone was in awe over the beauty of the desserts and were too busy enjoying the cupcakes and cookies to say another word. When the ‘bride to be’ contacted The Baked Equation to make custom cookies for her big day, she informed Melissa that she can’t stop eating the cookies and if she keeps it up, she won’t fit into her wedding dress. Melissa responded with “it’s ok, they’re organic calories, those are easier to burn”. That’s the other amazing thing about this company… they only use organic products! You won’t feel like you just ate something heavy or that you need to run on the treadmill to burn the calories consumed. For someone like me who dreads going to the gym, this is a HUGE plus. I give Melissa and The Baked Equation two thumbs up, 5 gold stars, and my repeat business and referrals. ” Nicole B. (Scottsdale, AZ)

“All I can say is YES YES YES. You’re depriving yourself of greatness if you don’t try something.” —Lauren G. (S. Windsor, CT)

“Melissa was fabulous to work with.  She baked a cake for a Gender Reveal party for my daughter and son-in-law on very short notice and delivered it to the house!  The cake was soooo cute and was incredibly moist and delicious!” —Robin M. (Glendale, AZ)

These are the best baked goods that I have ever had!  I love everything they make.  Everything is moist, gorgeous, and YUMMY!! I highly recommend that you use this company!!        —Brenda B. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Melissa is an amazing baker. She has the ability to make almost anything that is asked of her, and does it with exceptional quality and beautiful artistry. The Baked Equation will leave you wanting more . . . and more. —Amy B. (Phoenix, AZ)



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