Spring Baby Shower Cookies

Baby Shower Cookies

Brides and baby shower cookies have been keeping the ovens running and the racks full. Now I know babies are born every day, but it seems like there are some many of my friends who are all having new additions arriving soon. Spring is such a fun time for baby shower cookies. Bright colors and fun prints seem to by the style.  For little girls we make a ton of our hand painted rose cookies. For little boys it seems to be all about the “little man” dress up in bow ties and mustaches.

We will let the ladies go first. I had such a fun time working with Courtney, from Pizzazzerie for her little girl’s baby shower. You will have to pop over to her blog to read about her Pink, White and Roses themed baby shower. One of my favorite blog posts that she did recently was restoring her Grandmother’s bassinet.

Baby Girl Cookies

Baby Pizzazzerie PM_edited-1

Next up, the most popular colors right behind pink and white are mint, coral and gold. I can tell you this there are oodles of shades of both mint and coral. It is by far one of the most interesting color combinations because everyone has a different way of seeing color. Some clients prefer a more orange-colored coral, while others lean towards a reddish hue. Now let’s talk about mint. Goodness gracious. Mint can range from a very bold green that you find in your mint chocolate chip ice cream at the grocery store to a pale blue color. As you can see from the two different sets of baby shower cookies below one has more of a green hue and one has more of a light blue.

Mint and Coral Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cookies

This set you can order directly in our Etsy Shop.

baby girl shower cookies

Next up, the baby shower cookies made especially for the boys. In just a couple of weeks, I am headed up to Seattle for my dear friends baby shower. They are expecting a little boy. I have already bought myself a shirt that says, “honorary aunt”.  From aqua’s to all different shades of blues, boy cookies have a fun flair to them. Bow ties and mustaches are the theme of choice.

Baby Boy Cookies


Baby Shower Cookies


Little Man Cusotm Dozen


Bow Tie Cookies

Monogram Cookies

Baby Boy Set Powder Blue

It is amazing how far baby showers have come. My baby shower theme was Noah’s Ark.  Decorated baby shower cookies were unheard of at that time.  If I had to do my shower all over again, I would still do an ark theme.  I would love to have a simple white cake with a bunting banner that says,  “it’s a boy” and a vintage sugar cookie animals. Jude had the cutest ark mural on the wall that matched his bedding. He would talk to the animals on the wall when he was little. Ahhh, the memories.

5 comments on “Spring Baby Shower Cookies

  1. AnnA says:

    Hi, Love the designs of your cookies. I’m throwing my daughter a baby shower for my 1st grand child. Our colors are Pink, Gray and white with elephants. The invitations are onesie’s, do you have any ideas for the cookies thank you

  2. Sandy Brown says:

    I am new to your blog. All the cookies I’ve seen so far as so adorable!! Would you mind sharing what you use for your backgrounds? Love all the aged wood patterns.

    Thanks in advance for the info and thanks for the cute creations I love looking at 🙂

    1. Sandy- of course. I use backdrops from Ink and Elm. http://inkandelm.com/ I absolutely love them for cookies. You can clean them which makes them a great resource.

  3. Those painted rose cookies are seriously the best!

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