Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

Are you ready for some Super Bowl Sugar Cookies?  I am. It is that time of year when friends and family gather together for the anticipated showdown between the two best teams in football. Who will have the best commercial, and yes the best FOOD!  Every year in our family my mom and I plan out the menu and tackle who is going to take which tasks. This year I have been assigned Super Bowl sugar cookies. Shocking, right? These cookies were really fun to make, but some of our past Super Bowl favorites are Guy’s jalapeno poppers, my mother’s amazing spinach artichoke dip, and the stadium cake.

Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012                       Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

I don’t know about your house, but in ours the competition can get heated and loud, or should I say very loud.  It seems everyone from the eldest to the youngest is very passionate about their team. Who are you cheering for this year? Do you have family members on opposite sides?  Now these two teams take me back to 2007 when they met in Super Bowl XLII. What a Super Bowl that was to watch? Everyone remembers the end of the game thinking the Patriots have won another Super Bowl. But with 26 seconds left on the clock, Eli Manning shakes the tackle to complete the pass to David Tyree which changes the game. It was not just any catch though. Some how David Tyree was able to keep hold of the ball on his helmet.  For those of you who did not get to see it, check this clip out.

Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

The other memorable moment from 2008 was having the Super Bowl in my home state, Arizona. My son and I were lucky to be able to go to NFL Experience. If the Super Bowl is ever in your area I recommend going. They have all sorts of games and activities for the kids to participate in during the day. You can participate in activities like running the 50 yard dash, kicking a field goal, or getting to play a flag football game with some of your favorite football players.

Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

After uploading these pictures though, I had a mommy moment. Please indulge me a second. Apparently a lot has happened since 2008.  So, what I used to refer to as my peanut, is now a full blown teenager and would be mortified if I called him peanut in public (which I do any way).  Time goes by so fast. The little boy is all grown up but he has not forgotten, nor forgiven the team that disappointed him in 2008. After the Super Bowl Jude was devastated. He ran to his room and sulked for hours after the Patriots loss. Well this year, as you can see below, Jude is rooting for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.  My favorite comment from my son so far, “When can I smash the Patriots cookie with a hammer?”

Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012                   Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012

For those of us who are fans of Star Wars, we take heart in knowing that Luke Skywalker and the rebel alliance defeated the Emperor and turned Darth Vader back to the good side, the force.  However, it is easy to wonder sometimes, what would have happened if evil prevailed, what would the world have looked like.  Depending on the outcome of the game, we might finally get to see what would have happened if the movie ended with the Emperor winning.  Life is ironic sometimes, when we get to see the movie end in a different manner.  Maybe the Emperor did not die, maybe Bill Belichick will win out thirty years later (George Lucas how you can continue to haunt us, you sure are amazing).

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the game whether you are for the Evil Empire or the Rebel Alliance, but most of all enjoy the Super Bowl Sugar Cookies!

Super Bowl Sugar Cookies 2012




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