Superhero Cookies for The Brunette Baker

Who doesn’t love Superhero cookies? But superhero cookies and finding out if you have won $200 in cash is even better. Everyone wants a super power.  What’s your super power?  Some people can run a 5 minute mile, some people can finish the CrossFit Angie workout in 11 minutes, and some people can get 1500 on the SAT. Well, I am proud to say I really can’t do any of those things. I would love to be able to run fast but I waddle like a turkey. I would love to finish Angie in under 15 minutes but it takes me about 28 minutes. I would have loved to done well on the SAT, but sadly I did not. Standardized tests are my kryptonite. My husband and I still argue as I think they are stupid.  If you could have superhero cookies designed for you, what would you choose?

superhero cookies

About a month ago I asked Jenny Jack this very question. What type of cookies would you like if I made some for your birthday? She replied, hands down super hero cookies.  Well, I guess with a name like Jenny Jack, what else could she possibly want. Could she have a cooler name? It’s almost like she was meant to be a super hero.  I thought I would end off her birthday giveaway bang. She gets her cookies and some lucky winner gets $200.00 in cash.

superhero cookies

See, I told you. How cool does that double J look? Clark Kent, Steve Rogers, and Jenny Jack. See it fits right in. It’s like she was meant to be apart of the Justice League.

superhero cookies

Now be honest, when you go to blog do you just grab the recipe and dash?  Do you actually read the blog post? If you have never been to Jenny’s blog, here are some of my favorites. Not just because of the recipes, but because Jenny is super funny.

superhero cookies

Right about now I am sure you are thinking, can I just know if I won the cash or not? While it is wonderful that Jenny is getting super hero cookies,  I just want to know if I am $200 richer.

Congratulations Melissa Smith, you are the lucky winner!

5 comments on “Superhero Cookies for The Brunette Baker

  1. Margie Padilla says:

    Is there anyway then you can make some cookies and mail them to me its for my sons birthday party I’m interested in Superman Wonder Woman Captain America vintage style.

  2. I adore these cookies. Melissa and such a fun post! Perfect for Jenny!! You are just the sweetest. 🙂

  3. First off, I love you. I do. In fact, I love you like a love song (and I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat). Sorry. You’re so fa-reaking amazing and I’m so happy and proud to call you a friend. Thank you for being you and for all of this. My heart could burst. XOXO

    1. I love you too, babe! So blessed to know you. 🙂

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