What’s in a Name-The Baked Equation?

I have been waiting quite awhile to start my blog. So many ideas have been swirling around my head.  So, where should I start? I thought I would begin with the question I am asked the most, “Why, The Baked Equation?” Why did you decide to call it that?” Anyone who has been with me in the kitchen will see me staring at the ceiling talking to myself about numbers. My husband’s favorite is when I look ever perplexed saying , “Is one-third plus one-third plus one third,  a cup?” Oh simple math, how it vexes me.  Well let’s take a step back to see where it all began.

My Dad spent many evenings trying to help me with my never ending math homework. When I was a young girl you would find me sitting at my parent’s dining room table working on word problems, grumbling about how math is lame and I will never need to use it when I grow up. My father chuckled at me and said, “Melissa, learn to embrace math because everything in life boils down to a number.” In true Melissa fashion, I retorted back, “I will prove you wrong.” Well I am all grown up now and have apologized to my parents profusely about how I thought I knew everything by the age of 13.   Now that I am older and wiser I know that everything does boil down to numbers, but this fact does not make math any easier for me.

So ‘The Baked Equation’ name came from my adventures in baking.  I have learned that baking is a science and a whole of lot word problems to create the right recipe. My life in the kitchen has become one massive word problem.  So in life it does not boil down to if you are math person or not; it boils down to just embrace math because you will be doing it the rest of your life.  So if your kids ever say to you I don’t need math, help them see all the equations that make their life fun. From baking to video games to the beloved IPHONE, sequences of word problems make all those neat things happen.

Want some fun homework? Here are some equations/experiments to try in your kitchen?

For Caramel Lovers:  Try using dark brown sugar in your cookie recipe versus light brown sugar? Dark brown sugar adds a rich caramel flavor to your recipes.

For Lemon Lovers:  Freeze your lemon zest before using (wrap in plastic wrap and then put in a baggie), we found it intensifies the flavor.

For Chocolate Lovers: Trade out water in a recipe and use strong coffee. Coffee and Espresso intensify chocolate flavors.

For Vanilla Lovers:  Use a mix of brandy and vanilla when adding extracts.  Baking alcohols help bring out the vanilla flavor.

7 comments on “What’s in a Name-The Baked Equation?

  1. Belinda says:

    I <3 u! So adorable! And am so glad you are living your truth! In such a fantastically fun way!

  2. Dad says:

    Fantastic! Cookies are fun, cupcakes even better, but cakes make my day. And, then coupled with a
    “thank you” for teaching you to embrace math takes the cake (sorry). Congratulations to you!!

    Enjoy your journey.

    1. melissa says:

      Ha, ha! Thanks Dad. I can always count on you to be my biggest fan!

  3. Carol says:

    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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  4. Marilyn says:

    I loved reading.

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